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Friday, November 6, 2015


Tioga wins 5th straight Section IV Title

By seeding in the Section IV playoffs it was an expected win, by State Rankings it was an upset.  The Tioga Tigers beat the Deposit/Hancock Eagles 53-26.  The Tigers got off to a quick 22-0 score before the Eagles soared back within five, 25-20.  Then, just before halftime, Nick Klossner intercepted his second pass off D/H's Darren Shaver and returned it for a touchdown. 

Tioga next plays the winner of Class D in Section III in the State Regionals at Alumni Stadium next weekend.

The Tioga Tigers beat the Deposit/Hancock Eagles 53-26.\

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The fifth section championship in school history was also the first time since 2009 that the Tioga boys volleyball team won five straight Section IV titles.pokedle, fnaf, The Bulldogs beat Tuckahoe in three sets to take home their second title of the season and the fifth overall since 2009.
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In a stunning display of skill and determination, Tioga secured their fifth consecutive Section IV title, showcasing their dominance in the region. The team's relentless performance and strategic prowess proved too much for their opponents, solidifying their status as a powerhouse in Section IV. This impressive achievement further cements Tioga's legacy in local sports history, leaving fans and rivals alike in awe of their consistent excellence on the field.
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Tioga clinched its fifth consecutive Section IV title with a dominant performance, showcasing their relentless drive and superior teamwork. This victory solidifies their reputation as a powerhouse in the region, continuing their remarkable winning streak.
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