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Friday, August 30, 2013


Fox 40 Goes to Camp: Balanced Attack

CHENANGO VALLEY -- Evan Trebilcock and Zach Collins lit up the highlight reels last year for CV, but graduation ended their high school careers.  The Warriors, fortunately, had their replacements waiting in the ranks.  Chenango Valley is now relying on a more team-wide attack, making them arguably more dangerous.  Coming off a 6-4 season, the Warriors believe it's their year to make a playoff run and finally beat the hated Blue Devils.  To do so, they will use the entire roster, making it impossible to key in on just one guy.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Fox 40 Goes to Camp: Unfinished Business

CHENANGO BRIDGE -- It's been a good start to the 21st Century for the Chenango Forks Blue Devils.  The program has boasted undefeated regular seasons every year, with the exception of 2011.  Add to that, state finals appearances from 2001-2005, including titles in '03 and '04.  With all of the players from those teams since graduated, last year's team hoped to etch their own names in the record books only to suffer a 22-7 loss to Hornell in the state finals.

Any team that loses their last game of the season, and returns most of it's roster, is typically in a hurry to get that bitter taste out of their mouths.  The seniors on this year's squad are pushing the newcomers to live up to the expectations of the Chenango Forks football program, but at the same time, they all have to deal with the pressure that accompanies it.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Fox 40 Goes to Camp: Three-peat?

ENDWELL -- The target on the backs of the Maine-Endwell Spartans is even bigger this year after winning their second straight state title last fall.  But this year, if they hope to make it three in a row, they'll have to do it without running backs Nick Sorrenti, Justin Jacoby, or Luis Uceta.

The good thing for the Spartans is the return of three year starting QB Kyle Gallagher, his younger brother Adam who will run out of the back field, and Darnell Woolfork, Trevor Garbelman, and Colin Lasalle who all saw time running the ball last year as well.

Head coach Matt Gallagher motivating his guys to work hard by telling them "someone can make their season if they beat Maine-Endwell," but despite the pressure, the Spartans are looking to stay focused, have fun, and most importantly, play Spartan football.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Fox 40 Goes to Camp: Winning Big Games

BINGHAMTON -- The Binghamton Patriots return eight starters to their offense and eight starters to their defense.  That's not a bad position to be in for a team that won the Class AA Section IV Title last year, before losing to CBA in Regionals.  But the one thing this year's team has that last year's doesn't?  Experience, specifically in those big, pressure, games.


Fox 40 Goes to Camp: Digging in the Trenches

VESTAL -- It may have been an anomaly, but the Vestal Golden Bears graduated 30 seniors last year.  That's a lot of rosters spots to replace.  The good news for Head Coach Tank Anderson, the players returning, make up the core of the skills positions.  But he says a lot of work needs to be done in the trenches.  It's still early in training camp, so Golden Bears fans need not worry.


Sunday, August 25, 2013


Fox 40 Goes to Camp: One Game at a Time

BINGHAMTON -- The Seton Catholic Central Saints have had a rough go of things on the gridiron the last few years.  But a new emphasis on conditioning will hopefully keep the small squad injury free and help turn around the program.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Fox 40 Goes to Camp: New Coach, Same Tradition

ENDICOTT -- A program steeped in 103 years of tradition, Union-Endicott finds itself in a period of transition as last year's head coach, Shane Hurd left U-E to join fellow U-E alum Dave Archer at Cornell.  Donning Hurd's headset is former Defensive Coordinator, Tom Baleno.

Baleno, a U-E grad himself, has served as the Tigers Defensive Coor. for the last seven years and says he understands the pressure that comes with the head coaching job.  Having also played at U-E, Baleno knows that any season without some kind of title is viewed as a disappointment.

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