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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Division and Class Shake Up Set for 2014

According to's Twitter feed, the Section IV Divisions will be realigned to reflect a few school's changing class.

Listed below are the class and division alignments for 2014 with changes listed in parentheses:

Divison I - Class AA/A
Binghamton - AA
Corning - AA (up from A)
Elmira - AA
Horseheads - AA (up from A)
Ithaca - AA (up from A)
Union-Endicott - A
Vestal - A

Division II - Class B
Chenango Valley (realigned from Div. III, up from C)
Johnson City
Owego Free Academy

Division III - Class B (Division III was Class C in 2013 - all teams realigned from Divison II)
Susquehanna Valley

Division IV - Class C
Chenango Forks (realigned from Div. III)
Greene (realigned from Div. III)
Newark Valley (realigned from Div. III)
Sidney (realigned from Div. VI, up from Class D)
Whitney Point (realigned from Div. III)

Division V - Class C
Dryden (realigned from Div. IV)
Lansing (realigned from Div. IV)
Thomas A. Edison (realigned from Div. IV)
Trumansburg (realigned from Div. IV)
Watkins Glen (realigned from Div. VII, up from Class D)
Waverly (realigned from Div. IV)

Division VI - Class D (all teams realigned from Div. V)
Unadilla Valley

Division VII - Class D (all teams realigned from Div. VI)
Seton Catholic Central

Division VIII - Class D (new Division for 2014)
Groton (realigned from Div VII)
Moravia (realigned frim Div. VII)
Elmira Notre Dame (realigned from Div. VII)
Odessa-Montour (realigned from Div. VII)
Spencer-Van Etten (realigned from Div. VII)
Newfield (new team to Section IV)

Now that we have that settled, here are some thoughts on these updates.  First off, welcome Newfield to Section IV Football.  Secondly, it will be interesting to watch the shake up in Class AA now that Corning and Horseheads have made the jump up a conference.  However, this would have done little to affect the Division standings in 2013, as all of Class AA and A are in the same division.  It is also worth noting that U-E and Vestal will automatically be pitted head-to-head in the Section Finals rather than having to go through Corning and Horseheads as they had to last season.

One of the biggest disappointments, from my perspective at least, is seeing Chenango Valley make the jump from C back up to B.  Granted, I can't imagine that Forks and Valley wouldn't schedule the rivalry game, but now there won't be any divisional implications on the line, as there were last year.

Also, Sidney making the step up from Class C could be a good omen.  In 2005, the Warriors won a State Title as a member of Class C.  But any chance they have of finding another one will certainly have to go through reigning State Champ Chenango Forks.  Watkins Glen also makes the jump to Class C, turning a 10-team, 2 division class into an 11-team, 2 division class.

As a result of Chenango Valley moving to B and necessitating splitting the class into two divisions, the Section now features a Division VIII.  With the exception of the addition of Newfield, this new division is just a realignment of last year's Division VII.

It may be six months away, but high school football season will be on us before you know it!  Continue to stick with Fox 40 as we plan to bring you another great season of 4th & Goal as well as coverage throughout the week during the season!

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