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Sunday, November 8, 2015


Spartans maintain tradition of winning with 6th straight Section Title

When a team is on a run like the Maine-Endwell Spartans have been for the last five years, there's bound to be pressure.  Sixty-one straight wins, six straight Section IV Titles, and eyes on a fifth straight State Title, even Head Coach Matt Gallagher admits the pressure is there but adds that they try not to think about it.  The longer the era of dominance goes on, the less the current (or future) team wants to be the ones to see it end.  Consider, that in 2010, the last time the Spartans lost a game, this year's senior class was playing modified football.

Now, in 2015, the Spartans have once again earned the title of Section IV Champions beating Johnson City 40-16 on Friday night.  It's an accomplishment to be enjoyed by this team, but to be celebrated by all those that have been involved in this record breaking era of high school football.

"It's just awesome, said RB/DB Kevin Barrett.  "The legacy that everyone behind me has left behind is just crazy.  To fill in for this and to get to six straight is awesome."

"That's great, that's tradition," Gallagher said.  "We've been consistent and that's what we try to do. 
We have our alumni come back all the time, they're on our sidelines, they come to practice, which is a great feeling.  They're welcome anytime and they know that.  The kids on the team now want them there, and it just seems to be one big family and we want them there."

Back in Class A for the first time since winning the State Title in 2011, Maine-Endwell next plays Whitesboro in the State Regionals.  Whitesboro was the last team to beat M-E back in Regionals in 2010.  Kick-off scheduled for 8:00 Friday night at Binghamton Alumni Stadium.

The legacy that everyone behind me has left behind is just crazy. To fill in for this and to get to six straight is awesome.

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