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Sunday, November 8, 2015


Blue Devils celebrate Section Title as piece of a bigger pie

There's no denying that a team should be allowed to celebrate a Section Title.  Most school's consider anything after a Section Title icing on the cake, but most teams aren't Chenango Forks.  After beating Newark Valley 42-15 Saturday afternoon to win a fourth straight Section Title, Head Coach Dave Hogan told his Blue Devils not to take this one for granted, joking that most of the fans might because it's almost expected of them to win a Section Title, but then added "we're not done yet."

That mindset of not being done is what has helped not only propel Forks to 13 Section Titles in the last 15 years, but to back-to-back State Titles with a third in the cross hairs.  It's a fine line to walk, celebrating a Section Title while staying humble knowing that the ultimate goal is still three weeks away.

"We know it takes a lot of hard work to get to where we have been so we just got to keep going week in and week out, grinding so we can be ready for that," said Tony Silvanic, Finals Defensive MVP.

"It's challenging at times but again, we have great leadership this year and that helps out," Hogan said.  "The seniors, they're veterans.  I think if anyone is getting off task they help us get back on task and I think we'll be ready for next week too."

Forks gets a Regional rematch with Utica Notre Dame next Saturday at 3:00 at Alumni Stadium.  The Blue Devils beat the Jugglers 57-14 one year ago.

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