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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Blue Devils not rusty after unexpected weeks off

Chenango Forks wrapped up the regular season with a 43-27 win over rival Chenango Valley in Week 8 after having two weeks off in the final four weeks of the season due to opponents forfeiting.  In a sport that only has one game a week and typically no weeks off, the Blue Devils could very well have been a little rusty heading into Week 8.  That rust was a scoreless 11:30 of the first quarter.  After that, it was smooth sailing.

"We knew we had a lot of rust on our shoulders so coming out and playing like we did in the first half, it definitely got out there to some teams to know that we're not rusty at all," said junior QB/HB/DB LJ Watson.

"We talk about how you're either dying or you're growing," said Head Coach Dave Hogan.  "We feel like with the two weeks off we still got better even though we didn't play a game.  It starts with our leadership.  Our leadership is just outstanding.  They work hard by example but they're also vocal too and everybody follows right behind them and we're very, very lucky to have those leaders on our team."

Forks plays the Dryden Lions on Saturday at 12:30 at Union-Endicott.  Dryden replaces the Lansing Bobcats who were pulled from the playoffs.  Lansing was one of the two teams that forfeited to Forks.

Their leadership is just outstanding.They work hard by example but they're also vocal too and everybody follows right behind them and we're very, very lucky to have those leaders on this team."This article has given me a lot of insights, thanks for making this in reality simple to take in, keep a good work!
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