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Sunday, October 11, 2015


4th and Goal - Game of the Week: Week Six - Golden Bears end drought against Tigers

Our Game of the Week takes us down the road to Vestal as they played Union-Endicott in a Class A battle. Normally, this is the battle for the Section Title in Class A but this year there are two more teams in the Class and it makes this division game even more important. The balance of Vestal allowed them to come out on top with a 28-6 win.

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Week Six brought the Golden Bears and Auburn Tigers together for an SEC West clash flagle that could determine who leads the division. The game started off as a defensive battle, with both teams stifling their opponents.
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8 years ago, I remember this day very vividly. And I still do not get why so many people were screaming positive words s about Endicott!
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Absolutely thrilling news! Silvanic and Manuel's recognition as Players of the Year amplifies their exceptional performances, echoing their pivotal roles as State Finals MVPs. Their leadership and skill set a remarkable standard, epitomizing the prowess of Section IV athletes. With 29 players from our region securing All-State Selections, it's evident that our local talent is truly outstanding. It's akin to the excitement one feels when watching IPL on Castle, where the best of cricket talent converges to showcase their brilliance on a grand stage.
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