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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Spartans, Blue Devils, Tigers still top State Rankings

Section IV remains well represented in the most recent State Rankings.  Maine-Endwell, Chenango Forks, and Tioga are still the top ranked team in their respective classes (A, C, and D).  In total, 12 teams are ranked with another six earning honorable mentions.

Class AA:
Elmira - 24
Binghamton, Horseheads (Honorable Mentions)

Class A:
Maine-Endwell - 1
Vestal - 7

Class B:
Waverly - 8
Owego - 17
Chenango Valley (Honorable Mention)

Class C:
Chenango Forks - 1
Newark Valley - 10
Greene - 24
Dryden (Honorable Mention)

Class D:
Tioga - 1
Walton - 5
Deposit/Hancock - 7
Harpursville/Afton - 11
Delhi, Moravia, Oxford (Honorable Mention)

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