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Thursday, September 10, 2015


Patriots still with room to improve despite Week 1 success

The Binghamton Patriots got off to a hot start to the season thanks to a big second half in a 42-20 win over Auburn in Week 1.  While that success washes away some of the memories of last year's struggles, there are still things the Patriots hope to improve upon in Week 2.

"Again, just being sharp," said Patriots Head Coach Mike Ramil.  "We had some miscues a couple times on the offensive line.  Getting guys to run north and south and if you have a tackle, make the tackle."

"Tackling, tackling.  We had guys in the right position sometimes and got the tackles broken, but we did swarm very well," said Mathias Silberstein, Senior OL.  "Our defense did a lot better than last year, very improved and tempo on our offense."

The Patriots travel to Horseheads for a Saturday afternoon matchup in Week 2.

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