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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Fox 40 Goes to Camp: Return to the Postseason

The Seton Catholic Central Saints shocked Walton, in Walton, in the first round of the playoffs last year, so it's almost poetic that this year they open the season, on the road, in Walton.  This Saints team looks vastly different than last year's.  For one, there's more of them.  Head Coach Brian Mister said of last year's team, it was easier to count the bench than the players on the field to know they had 11 guys out there.  This year, he said after a few players are medically cleared, they'll be up to 22 on the roster.  However, a lot of those faces are new.

The Saints lose almost all of their offensive weapons from last year including the Whitman twins, Dan O'Brien, and Sam Crowley to graduation, they do return QB John Giangreco and several lineman.  While those new guys will have big shoes to fill (both figuratively and literally), they seem up to the task and ready to return to the postseason and make Seton a football school once again.

"I think it's huge because last year we had a great season and we have high expectations to do the same again this year," Giangreco said.  "We have a lot of new kids that are willing to put in the work that we did last year."

"The kids have been working hard.  That's one thing I can't complain about," Mister said.  "They're all here, they're always here, they're working hard and busting their butts.  They know that in order to be successful they're going to have to be non-stop out there, iron man the whole game."

Seton travels to Walton on Saturday afternoon for Week One.

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