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Friday, September 25, 2015


Blue Devils not overlooking rebounding Trojans

The Chenango Forks Blue Devils easily dispatched the Sidney Warriors 56-0 in Week 3, but in Week 4 have another tough match up against a Greene Trojans team that has rebounded from a few bad years.

In 2013, Greene went 3-5, then 4-5 a year ago.  Already in 2015, the Trojans have a 2-1 record and are the 24th ranked team in the State.  Reminiscent of what the Trojans were just a few years ago, it's a tough task for the Blue Devils, but don't expect Dave Hogan's boys to not bring their usual thunder.

"We need another good week of practice, work hard.  We know they're a good team," said Cody Lamond, Forks senior RB/DB.  "We can't go into it lightly, so we have to work hard, get prepared well.  Our coaches will do a good job of that.  And we just got to do our jobs."

"We already said we're going to be in for a good battle," Hogan said.  "That's a good ball team, we watched them last week and watched them [Friday] night and they're going to be tough and we know they're going to come to play."

Forks hosts Greene Saturday at 1:30.

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