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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Fox 40 Goes to Camp: Warriors working hard for big season

I am very impressed with the work a lot of teams put into their off-season. One of them in particular is the Newark Valley Cardinals.

They may have lost Vinny Darpino but they still have a lot of talent and speed in the offense. Nick Shermerhorn toots his own horn at quarterback this season and David Crow continues to fly in the backfield. The cardinals averaged 36 points a contest and scored 60 points in a game three times last season. Newark Valley is going to show everyone that hard work pays off.

"I feel like we are a lot faster team and going to be hard to beat. I mean Forks is going to be hard team to beat of course but we are going to bring it to them," said Nick Schermerhorn, Senior Quarterback.

"We have a lot of returning lineman and in the past we have always been developing a line and so we are pretty excited. We have some of our more dominant players up front and that gives us something to build off of," said Brian Sherwood, Newark Valley Head Coach.

"Our saying this year is 'we are starting in the dome for our first game and we and we want to end in the dome," said Shawn Potter, Senior Guard/Tackle.

The Cardinals start their season like the NFL, on Sunday at the dome against Utica Notre Dame.

As warriors of the golden empire, they constantly train to bring about glorious victory. drift boss
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