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Friday, August 21, 2015


Fox 40 Goes to Camp: Bobcats are Battle Tested

Let's stick with the small schools because they are certainly what section four football is all about and talk Bainbridge-Guilford. The Bobcats have 14 seniors on the roster.
This team in 2014 finished 3-6 but won their last two contests of the season beating Candor and Whitney point in overtime. The craziest game last year was the 26-21 loss to Delhi during week 3 and the the kids have certainly circled that game on their schedule. And now they have a deeper play book to put up more points to win.

 "It's given us the flexibility to put in a few more wrinkles in the offense. We don't have to spend as much time re-teaching some of these plays. Some of these kids have run them since youth football. It's given us the opportunity to be a little more diversified on the offensive end,"said Jim Mosher, Bobcats Head Coach.

"We are doing a lot more passing this year. We threw in some new pass routes and we are going to do a lot more passing than we did in the past," said Austin Carr, Junior QB/LB.

"Everyone has come back strong this year, a lot of seniors. We should have a pretty good season if everyone works hard and shows up to practice throughout the season and I think it will be all good," said Tyler Hart, Senior DE/OT.

Week one for B-G is a match-up with Oxford. Should be a good game betwween the Hawks and the Bobcats.

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