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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Playing for the seniors

While it would be a bit of an obvious statement to say that every high school athlete wants to win a state championship, it's understandable that it would mean a bit more coming in your senior year.  For that reason, Chenango Forks Head Coach Dave Hogan says that every member of his team is playing for each other, but even more so for the seniors.  For him, it's all about how they end their careers, and you can't argue with going out on top.  For one senior, running back Ryan Bronson, this whole season for him is about trying to play as much football as possible, and you can't play much later into the year than the state finals.

Forks takes on Hoosick Falls on Saturday at 3:00.

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What a heartwarming read! Playing is such a universal joy, and it's fantastic to see how it brings joy to seniors. It's a beautiful reminder that age shouldn't limit our capacity for fun and laughter. Kudos to those who are making a difference by bringing play to seniors' lives!

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