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Friday, November 7, 2014


Fourth times the charm for Newark Valley?

The Newark Valley Cardinals sure have a flair for the dramatic - winning their first playoff game in 29 years, but needing overtime to do so.  Not before, however, needing an interception to end Lansing's first offensive threat in OT and then on their own possession, opting to kick a field goal which for typical Section IV kickers and teams would be considered wildly out of range.  With that game in the rearview and all lanes cruising ahead into the Section Finals, the Cardinals know their next opponent all too well.

The Chenango Forks Blue Devils are the gold standard in when it comes to Section IV playoffs, 11 section titles in the last 13 years, the last four in five years coming in Class C, the other 7 coming in Class B.  The Cardinals know first hand the kind of effort it will take to dance with the Devils in the pale moon light.  Tim Burton Batman references aside, NV has not had too much luck when it comes to games against Forks lately.  In their last three meetings, all in the regular season, Forks has won all three by a combined score of 113-24.

Come Saturday, the Cardinals are obviously hoping for an upset and are looking to ride the emotional high of last Saturday's win, the teams first in the postseason since 1985.

Kick off scheduled for Saturday at 12:00 from U-E's Ty Cobb Stadium.

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