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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Gallagher, Hogan keep focus on game, away from hype

Not since the U-E/M-E matchup in Week 8 of the 2012 season when the Tigers and Spartans were both 7-0 has their been a regular season matchup as anticipated as Week 6's Chenango Forks/Maine-Endwell tilt.  This game has been circled on every calendar in the sports offices of every news outlet in the area since the schedule was released.

The Spartans have been selling pre-sale tickets all week and are expecting it to be the hottest ticket in town.  But while the fans and the media, myself included, are talking a big game, on the field the teams are treating it as just another game.  That focus on the game and not on the hype is due in part to the pep talks by Forks head coach Dave Hogan and M-E head coach Matt Gallagher.

In my opinion, both Gallagher and Hogan have stressed the importance of sticking to their contexto game plans and executing their plays to the best of their abilities.
Their veteran experience should help them maintain focus dino game and face the pressure. Both are ready for the challenge.
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