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Friday, October 17, 2014


Friday Night Frenzy: Week 7 Highlights and Scores

Scores and Highlights from Section IV Football on Week Seven Friday (home team listed 2nd):

Horseheads 34 - East Syracuse-Minoa 54 Final

Groton 6 - Tioga 70 Final

Vestal 48 - Ithaca 0 Final

Greene 16 - Sidney 6 Final

Waverly 7 - Lansing 20 Final

Oneonta 0 - Windsor 26 Final

Elmira 47 - Binghamton 27 Final

Newfield 6 - Elmira Notre Dame 26 Final

Union-Endicott 7 - Corning 21 Final

Thomas A. Edison 21 - Dryden 54 Final

Susquehanna Valley 17 - Norwich 20 Final/OT

Unadilla Valley 14 - Unatego/Franklin 51 Final

Newark Valley 48 - Spencer-Van Etten 6 Final


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