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Monday, August 25, 2014


Fox 40 Goes to Camp: Sabers Speed is the Key

We went into  the valley of Sabers and saw Susquehanna Valley this weekend.

The blue and gold finished 3-6 on the season last year and coach said their inexperience showed on the field in 2013, losing very close games, including one in overtime against Norwich. But lets focus on 2014 and this year. The youngsters have grown up and the offense looks to be faster than ever before as the Sabers try to light up the scoreboard and earn more wins in the standings. 

Susquehanna Valley opens their season in two weeks at home against Elmira so expect the valley of to spark on week one.

The Millionaires played for the Stanley Cup multiple times, prevailing upon the Ottawa Senators in 1915 on home ice. It denoted the first run through the Stanley Cup was won by a West Coast group in the trophy's history.



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You seem to have had a fun-filled weekend exploring Susquehanna Valley My Singing Monsters and the Valley of the Sabers!

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