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Thursday, August 28, 2014


Fox 40 Goes to Camp: Clearing the Air

The Tioga Tigers enter the season looking for a fourth straight appearance in the State Semifinals and hope to get over that final hurdle to play for a State Title.  A big part of their success is due to their dominant running game.  The Tigers run a merciless ground and pound offense that allowed Jesse Manuel to rack up over 2,000 yards rushing and set a school record in 2013, as a sophomore.  This year, as a junior, Manuel has his eyes set once again on the 2,000 yard mark, but he may get less touches per game.  This year it seems like Head Coach Nick Aiello has added more of a passing repertoire to the playbook, and while opponents shouldn't expect last second 50 yard Hail Mary's in the 4th quarter, Aiello says it's all about having a balanced attack.

By implementing a stronger passing game, the Tigers double their threat and create confusion and havoc for the defense.  This will not only take pressure off the running game, but take some of the focus off of Manuel allowing him to sneak a few carries in while the secondary may be expecting pass.

The Tigers begin their quest for the Dome on the road against Newark Valley.

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