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Friday, November 29, 2013


Forks ready for Sunday, not overestimating Rye Neck

While the Chenango Forks Blue Devils are ready for the school's first appearance in the State Finals since 2007, they know it won't be an easy game.  Their opponent, Rye Neck, as Forks Head Coach Dave Hogan says, runs a very similar 5-2 defense and there are many other similarities in their games.  The Blue Devils are averaging 40 points per game, the Panthers, 38.  Forks allows an average of 10.9 pts per game, Rye Neck just 6.  So, while the Blue Devils have been confident throughout this week of practice, they know beating Rye Neck won't be a walk in the park and will take an all around effort.

Kick-off at 12:00 on Sunday at the Carrier Dome.

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