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Saturday, November 30, 2013


Class B Scouting Report: M-E vs. Schalmont

The Maine-Endwell Spartans have been making plenty of headlines this season.  Having won 37 straight games and in position to win a third, straight State Title, the Spartans are ready for their next opponent Schalmont.  Head Coach Matt Gallagher compares the Sabres to his Spartans, not the biggest team, physically but both teams have strength and speed.

Meanwhile, Schalmont Head Coach Joe Whipple says that if his Sabres want to take home the top honors, they can't get caught up in the accomplishments of the Spartans, and just stick to their game.

Kick-off at 3:00 on Sunday at the Carrier Dome.

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Excitement is building as the Maine-Endwell Spartans gear up for their clash with Schalmont. With a remarkable 37-game winning streak and eyeing a third consecutive State Title, the Spartans are a force to be reckoned with. Coach Gallagher draws parallels between his team and the Sabres, emphasizing shared attributes of strength and speed. On the flip side, Coach Whipple of Schalmont advises his players not to be distracted by the Spartans' achievements but to stay focused on their own game plan. Shifting gears, much like anticipating the Plus APK 2023 Latest Version both teams navigate the evolving landscape in pursuit of victory.

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