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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Section IV Teams enter Section Finals ranked statewide

Ten teams will compete for Section IV Titles on the gridiron this weekend and of those ten, seven are ranked among the best in the state.

Class AA:
Elmira - 14
Binghamton (Honorable Mention)

Class A:
Maine-Endwell - 1

Class B:
Waverly - 21
 Chenango Valley, Owego (Honorable Mention)

Class C:
Chenango Forks - 1
Newark Valley - 8
Watkins Glen/Odessa Montour - 19

Class D:
 Deposit/Hancock - 2
Tioga - 3
Walton - 12
Harpursville/Afton -15
Elmira Notre Dame (Honorable Mention)


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