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Saturday, August 22, 2015


Fox 40 Goes to Camp: Indians think they have what it takes

Let's divulge into the Owego Indians. They believe Class B is open for the taking. Their 4-5 record from last year shouldn't make you think this is another rebuilding year.

This is a big year for the Indians because their senior offensive weapons are back. Starting quarterback Logan Neira returns from injury last season, Will "glad bag" Gladney is like the new force flex feature, the kid can catch 'em all over the field. Plus Patrick Bilbrey will be the starting running back after replacing Neira last season at QB. Watch out for OFA in 2015.

"It's exciting! I think it helps us out way more. Logan is a great Quarterback and Bilbrey is a great running back so it helps us out better than last year because we only had one of them," said Will Gladney, Senior WR/LB.

"A lot of heart, a lot of hard working guys who want to get out there and win. We really want to show something this year and prove something," said Logan Neira, Senior QB/DB.

"It's been a unique start to camp without Coach Virkler being here. It's been different but the guys have responded awesome. The intensity has been great and everybody has been doing their part to pick up the slack a little bit until he gets healthy and gets back," said Mark Burrell, Indians Assistant Coach.

Coach Virkler is recovering from surgery and has been wanting to coach the team since the start of camp. He expects to be back next week. The Indians host Watkins Glen week one and Owego scored 40 points in two out of their last three weeks of the season.

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