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Friday, October 25, 2013


Week 8: Friday Night Scores and Highlights

Week 8, Friday Night Scores and Highlights from around Section IV Football (home teams listed second):

Susquehanna Valley 20 - Windsor 14

Norwich 7 - Johnson City 55

Ithaca 0 - Vestal 49

Trumansburg 6 - Greene 26

Sidney 0 - Tioga 31 (Class D Quarterfinals)

Moravia 6 - Unatego 35 (Class D Quarterfinals)

Walton 28 - Notre Dame 36 (Class D Quarterfinals)

Odessa-Montour 8 - Candor 35

Oxford 14 - Unadilla Valley 27

Bainbridge-Guildford 38 - Watkins Glen 6

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